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To ensure your final wishes are fulfilled after you pass away, and that your property and possessions are granted to the loved ones that you intend them to go to, it’s important to obtain a legal will. From our base in Footscray, Melbourne, Verduci Lawyers has worked with many clients to provide them with wills and probate lawyers who give advice and documentation to effectively get their affairs in order.

Why Verduci Lawyers for Wills and Probate Lawyers

Our team of experienced wills and probate lawyers in Melbourne have the necessary knowledge to guide you through this process, as well as the dedication to ensure your specific needs are met. We offer a free initial consultation, as well as the following legal will services:

  • Will preparation
  • Power of attorney
  • Probate & Deceased Estates
  • Will Disputes

Ensuring you have a power of attorney to handle your affairs after your death is the ideal way to feel secure in the future of your assets and property. Our estate lawyers can help you with this. It also ensures that if you ever become unable or mentally incapable of making decisions on your own behalf, you will have someone working for you to ensure your predetermined wishes are met. Contact us today to discuss getting a legal will by experienced estate lawyers for the proper distribution of your assets.

Has a loved one passed away?

If a loved one has passed away and they have a legal will set in place, arrangements will need to be made to obtain a Court Order. Our will and estate lawyers in Melbourne can help you do so. This will allow assets to be transferred to the beneficiaries as stipulated by the will, through a process called obtaining a grant of probate. If that loved one does not have a will, an application will need to be made to obtain a Supreme Court Order called a grant letter of administration. This allows for the appointment of an executor and beneficiaries of the assets left behind by the deceased. Whether you need assistance with the legalities of a loved one’s passing, or you would like to set in place a legal will for yourself, speak to Melbourne’s leading law firm today. Our team of probate and estate lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and drive to assist you with whatever legal aid you require.