Property Lawyers in Melbourne

Buying or selling a property? Let Melbourne’s experienced property lawyers assist

The process of buying or selling a property can be exciting; however, it also comes with its fair share of stress and hassles. In particular, the amount of confusing paperwork required can be overwhelming. Verduci Lawyers is a law firm in Footscray, Melbourne that practices in property law, conveyancing, assisting residents with their selling or purchasing in a cost-effective and professional manner.

We offer a broad range of property lawyer services in this area of expertise, including:

  • Buying property – which includes conveyancing, ensuring our valued clients are fully aware of all aspects of the property they are purchasing and obtain a proper legal title at settlement.
  • Selling property – by preparing all sales documents, we ensure individuals selling their property through auction, tender, private sale or transfer through conveyancing, have no further legal elements they need to worry about.
  • Land acquisition – applicable to those who have had their land or a portion of their land acquired by a Government authority, and are eligible for compensation that accurately reflects the amount of land acquired. Francine Lastrina is our experienced property lawyer for land acquisition cases; contact us today to request an appointment with her.
  • Property caveats – including leasing requirements, property disputes and/or queries, all of which is handled by Keith Box, Tina Basilone and Angpal Singh. You can arrange an appointment with one of these experienced property lawyers by contacting our offices.

Whether you are buying or selling your property in Melbourne or obtaining a real estate through conveyancing, ensure you meet the necessary legal obligations by utilising the team at Verduci Lawyers. We believe in offering competitive legal fees while maintaining quality services in all property law matters. Contact us today to see how we can assist you.

Conveyancing: Verduci lawyers pride themselves on providing capable conveyancers in Melbourne for a residential and commercial property. We are prompt and provide hassle free experience and settlement agreeable to both parties.